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How To DIY Christmas Wreath?

- Nov 10, 2017 -

How to DIY Christmas Wreath?

Christmas wreaths are generally made of evergreen conifer branches, round, but also half-moon-shaped, dotted with Pinaceae poinsettias, as well as some red fruit bells. Christmas wreath has many kinds of practices, size and material selection can be based on different needs to change, hanging look, absolutely create a delicate Aspect. Hanging this garland on Christmas Eve can protect their children from being demonized in the New Year, and full of festive festivity.

Material: Corrugated paper, colored handmade paper, crumpled paper, scissors, handmade white glue, oil-painting sticks, gold and silver markers, etc.


1, choose the favorite corrugated paper, the use of symmetrical cut ring production base version;

2, according to the characteristics of Christmas flowers (cusp, symmetry) Production of Christmas flowers:

① big red Christmas flowers, the use of symmetrical cut to make six Christmas flowers

② colored flowers, with 3 notes to make, pay attention to the point of paste

③ use corrugated paper to stick around into flower heart

3, the production of leaves: (Christmas flowers and leaves the shape is the same, just the top of the leaves turn red into flowers.)

First cut out the shape, and then sketched with a canvas stick leaf vein, pay attention to color.

4, will do a good job of flowers and leaves placed on the ring bottom plate appropriate shape, pay attention to the leaves lined with flowers to pay attention to the direction of the leaves, and finally fixed with white glue.

5, with the mark made of gold and silver mark the last embellishment

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