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Pure Silver White Two Romantic World

- Nov 15, 2017 -

Pure silver white two romantic world

Christmas of two people, gathering more intimacy than the joy of the festival. White and its extended color - silver is the main representative of Christmas in Europe, she symbolizes the holy Virgin Mary, is the main color melody in Europe, especially for the two worlds spend a romantic Christmas Eve.

Dress up essentials: silver Christmas candlestick snowflake bedroom

Silver Christmas tree can make Christmas silver theme more prominent in the tree as much as possible the use of silver ribbons and silver bells. In order to make the Christmas tree more prominent silver theme, light bulbs is also a good choice. In addition, the Christmas tree made of luminous fiber material is very popular in recent years.

Silver Christmas tree with colored pendants and white pearls, etc., lively, bright Christmas sun like ice reflected in the colorful light, bring people looking forward to the snow-capped, bring the brightest and most pure joy !

In the past, people decorated the Christmas tree with candles in honor of Christ bringing light to the world; the meaning of the candlelight for Christmas is now to create an atmosphere. White Christmas can not be without a candle, it can play the role of eye contact, but also ease the white monotone cold feeling. Buy a few small candlesticks and see how the beatings are on the eve of Christmas Eve. Listen to each other in the little candlelight, and the state of mind is calm.

In order not to undermine the overall sense, choose to match the candlestick and home style to match, make good use of candles, just spend a small amount of money, it will make your home look very taste, may wish to try Oh!

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