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How To Decorate Your Christmas?

- Jan 22, 2018 -

First, you should have evergreen trees such as cedar trees. You can choose to cut a live tree, but it’s laborious and it’s hard to find a beautiful tree. So it’s a good choice to buy a artificial tree, you can choose a proper tree for your family and it’s very environmental. You can recycle use it for years.

Except this, a tree topper is very crucial, which can make your trees more beautiful. It’s like a crown on the tree, makes your tree wonderful.

Besides, lights is necessary, which is the most important part of Christmas decorations. The method of putting the lights is twine the tree in “Z” type, then you can twine the electric wire in the trunk. Don’t forget your window and room.

In addition, some small decorations can make your room more beautiful, such as small colorful balls, snow, bells and so on. Moreover, sprinkle some artificial snow is wonderful.

What’s more, a greeting card for Christmas, wishes like “Merry Christmas!” or a new year’s wish. I think it’s best for family members to write it down.

Last but not least, Christmas gifts are the most expect things. Doll toys is good for children, candies are the things which can add festival atmosphere and also let you feel sweet.

The most important thing, don’t forget to take a photo after busy decorating your rooms!

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