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How To Decorate A Christmas Tree

- Jan 16, 2018 -

Choose a Christmas tree.

The Christmas tree is the foundation for your decorating, so choose a nice Christmas tree carefully.

Some people like the look and smell of pine and fir trees, while some people like fake trees that look real.

Whatever you choose, you need to consider the following points:

The shape of the tree looks good.

If you choose a real tree, you need to find a tree branch that is evenly spaced, and the overall shape is a gradual upward tree.

If you use fake trees and make your own branches, try not to make the gaps between the branches too obvious.

Use a tree stand and protection device.

If you choose to use a real tree, you also need a device to provide water for it.

Placing a protective device around the tree prevents the pine needles from falling onto the floor and is easy to clean.

Decorate some colorful lights.

If you have decided to use artificial trees, you can buy some Christmas lights to hang on the branches.

Hanging lights is the most difficult step for many people, and if you skip this step, you can spend more time and energy decorating your tree in other ways.

Pick the color

Adopting a color theme will make your Christmas tree look more holistic.

Remember, you have to choose some colors that don't clash with the room, and you may need to decorate other places with some fun or ancestral trinkets.

Here are some popular color schemes you can try:

Classic Christmas colors, red and green.

The green trees are decorated with red ornaments, ribbons and wreaths.

If you want to add some metal to look more energetic, choose gold or silver.

The red and green Christmas tree works very well.

Winter colors such as blue, silver and purple.

You can dress up your tree as ice and snow, with a snow - like Christmas style.

If you choose this option, try not to use red or gold.

Use bright or blue lights.

For true contracted winter modelling, use white and argent adornment is the most appropriate.

Select a topic (optional)

Some people set a specific theme for their Christmas tree, such as angels, nutcrackers, or snowflakes.

A theme can make your tree look more holistic and more eye-catching.

If you tend to collect decorations around specific themes, you may find it interesting to decorate the tree and you may have more collections.

Don't worry too much if you don't have a lot of decorations for the same theme. Christmas is a good enough theme for Christmas trees.

Buy decorative light bulbs (optional)

Maybe you're going to use the decorations you've been collecting for years, but if not, it's time to buy a set that makes your tree look exquisite and classic.

Consider the following factors:

A lamp decorated with boxes.

Most stores sell in boxes of about six to twelve, and they are cheaper.

You can also choose some interesting and expensive accessories, and many people choose to decorate the Christmas tree with decorative boxes outside.

A frosted or polished bulb.

If you use only one color light bulb to decorate the tree, you can choose different kinds of bulbs.

Or you can choose only one: the light is bright or frosted.

Use different sizes of light bulbs.

If you want to be safe, use the same size bulb.

If you are confident about your ability to decorate, you can buy a few different sizes of light bulbs for more visual effects.

As long as you can combine them, it doesn't feel strange.

Use small lights.

Tiny flickering light will make your Christmas tree look more delicate than a larger one.

Remember that your light bulb is just decorative, not too obvious.

Choose not to play music or flash bulbs as much as possible, preferably with the same color theme.

If you want to be safe, choose a white light.

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