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The Development Of China Handcraft Industry

- Jan 12, 2018 -

The rapid development of network technology and the explosion of Internet population have announced the advent of the Internet era.

Network era has given rise to the Internet economy, according to People's Daily online, according to data released in 2012, the domestic online retail market turnover is 276.6 billion yuan, but only after one year, the figure has nearly doubled.

In 2013, the volume of transactions reached 573.1 billion yuan, and the number of shopping users increased by 54.6% in the same year.

In such a big environment, the art market is also experiencing a network storm, the influence of Internet on the traditional art market, and gradually penetrates into multiple levels of the market.

The low cost and high coverage of art network publicity attract many artists, and the traditional art promotion model is experiencing unprecedented challenges.

Compared with traditional media, the network media is not only efficient, but also has the characteristics of low cost, fast speed and pertinence in the promotion of art market, which is favored by middle-aged and old artists.

Art of our country large portal website, high-profile network of Chinese artists association, Chinese artists, art net, she art net, China, etc., these art site location, though there are differences, but the introduction of traditional crafts as one of the important service content.

At the same time, more and more artists are starting to build personal websites.

In addition to these professional art websites, several well-known comprehensive web portals in China also set up traditional handicraft zones, such as sohu culture, sina collection and yahoo art.

The establishment of these zones opened a new way for the popularization and popularization of traditional handicrafts.

Chinese traditional culture, as a new business card and art of national art.

We want to achieve the "Chinese craft dream", want to make the craft fine arts industry to be big, become the important industry of our country culture industry.

I think it is not enough to rely solely on the strength of associations, businesses and individuals.

It requires the power of technology.

We know that the 21st century is the information age. To promote Chinese traditional handicrafts to the world in a better and more confident way, this needs to be popularized by the Internet.

In recent years, the traditional handicrafts have opened and online trading platform, to further standardize and improve the handicraft trade is of great importance and I believe this is a good start, although in the process of development is insufficient, but I believe the future will gradually improve and become the main force of inherit and develop traditional arts and crafts.

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