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History Of China's Gift Industry

- Jan 15, 2018 -

Gift industry is entered the stage of rapid development after China's reform and opening up, in theory, any industry in the development initial period in a tight market situation, as long as the enterprises into the packing of the products produced gifts can be accepted by the market, the market value of the product.


At this stage, the market is blind, and the rapid influx of production funds leads to geometric growth and saturation of the industry's capacity.


After more than 30 years of development, the gift industry has entered a period dominated by the buyer, the development of the enterprise is no longer how to expand production capacity, increase the product category, but how to compete in homogeneity serious stand out on the market, get consumer recognition, promote product sales.


Intelligence research consulting published "China's gift industry in 2017-2022 market research evaluation and investment prospects analysis report" pointed out: this is an era of consumption, is also a service oriented era, to meet consumer demand level, how to do let the consumer feel good value even content value, the value of the product itself and perfect customer service are equally important.


In a competitive environment, most of companies are competing for customers by price war and have compressed product profit but can not reach the market recognition, to understand the market rule of a batch of enterprises has the cultural connotation of the creative products and services oriented sales model to get rid of price competition, one step ahead to occupy market share.


Can be seen from the other mature industries development trajectory, gift industry is still in its early stage of development and has reached a bottleneck of development, and to break through this bottleneck, a group of able to guide the industry leading brand enterprise competition on the virtuous cycle of the arises at the historic moment, with a market sales model of competitive advantage has become the industry leader for the enterprise to lay a solid foundation.

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