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Make Your Christmas Lights More Safe

- Jan 18, 2018 -

In the holidays like Christmas, and not only government departments will use lighting design to create an atmosphere of Christmas, every family will use the lights of the Christmas elements to a drawing the atmosphere of warmth and romance.


Therefore, the lighting quality and lighting safety are important at this moment, but how many people check the lighting before installing the lamp?

Here's a lesson on lighting safety for everyone, and make sure everyone's safe for Christmas!


One, buy Christmas decoration must have safe authentication label, had better buy fireproof adornment.


Christmas lights when the choose and buy should be carefully check whether the wire is safety, electrical wiring, wiring board, and the choose and buy when the rest of the electronic decoration must see whether there is a safety certification label, best buy fire prevention ornaments;


Before changing lamps and lanterns, must cut off the power supply, and make sure the lamps and lanterns of new huan is consistent with old lamps and lanterns in the voltage respect.


When you shop for a Christmas tree, you also need to buy fresh trees, and the fresh trees catch fire at low rates, which ensures safety.

Do not place decorative wires in places where children and pets can reach, and reduce unnecessary damage.


Don't throw out the Christmas decorations when the holiday is over.

At the end of the Christmas holiday, it is important to ensure that the power is turned off and that outdoor lighting fixtures should be removed in time to avoid a fire due to dry weather.


However, don't throw them away after you use them. In addition to avoiding waste and waste, you can reduce the environmental pollution by increasing the utilization rate.


When you have mastered lighting safety skills, whether it's buying Christmas decorations or during installation can ensure that every step is safe, to eliminate the fire hazard, let everybody can rest assured of immersion in a wonderful Christmas!

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