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How To Decorate The Chirstmas Shopwindow

- Oct 31, 2017 -

How to decorate the Christmas shopwindow?

Christmas window is a beautiful scenery of Melbourne, the Christmas season before the arrival of the shop designers will move their brains, the theme of this Christmas will be most vividly, and never coincides with the style of previous years, here is the mother of the most Willing to take the children to the place. Christmas grandfather mellow voice about the thrilling experience, the story or the story, but the sound, light, the combination of more interesting and interesting. Queuing admission is Maya window visit in the unwritten rules, outside the railing is hurriedly passing the flow of people, railings in an orderly visit, each window has a few minutes of interpretation. Each window is the bottom left corner of the scroll screen, stereo speakers in the story, can be displayed here, scan the two-dimensional code can download.

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