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The Meaning Of Ornament On The Christmas Tree

- Aug 24, 2017 -

Before Christmas, the heavy atmosphere before the festival will infect you, so what is the meaning of all kinds of decorations on the most important Christmas tree? At Christmas, decorative decorations (decorations, themes) have a central meaning around the biblical topic. In the decoration, because it will be more concerned about these, so combining the religious significance of the center will be the main things to do a simple description.

The star or the jade at the top

The most characteristic ornament of the Christmas tree is the top-shaped decoration, called the big and striking Jade or the star of the top star. Also known as Spitze, the Star of Bethlehem, which glows when Christianity was born, as a star to the birthplace of the sage (King, scholar), has the symbolic meaning of hope or observance. And, in the UK, it will decorate some of the themes that mimic angels and saints alike.


The bells have both the meaning of the joyous bells that come from the Heavenly kingdom that informs the birth of Christianity (the Messiah), and those who pass the tones of the lamb to make it possible for people to return to the side of God without getting lost.

The Apple and the Red Jade

An apple or a red jade is also called a kugel ornament, the fruit of the original sin brought to Adam, as the fruit of the wisdom of the Garden of Eden, symbolizes not only the fruit of joy, which brings about fruitful results or happiness, but also the tree of Life, which is a symbol of eternity in the one-point garden.

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