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The Story Of Christmas Tree

- Oct 30, 2017 -

The story of Christmas Tree

Formerly the German city of Alsace, is the place where the Christmas tree is produced. According to legend, there is a man named Fulu Lunting hidden sage, living in a forest of Alsace, he is very fond of children. One year of Christmas, he hoped that the nearby children could play happily together, but he was poor and had no money to buy the children 's favorite toys and candy, so he was awkward for it.

One morning, when Fulle Lentin walks in the woods, he suddenly saw a small cedar, and the trees were covered with snow, and many small ice bars were hung on the sun, and the sun was shining and shining. And he brought the tree back and poured it in the basin. And pick up some wild fruit in the woods, and then the flour, made some cross, or star-shaped cake, hanging above the branches. And with some small candles, inserted in the branches, the tree dressed up in a dazzling, very beautiful. At the Christmas Eve, Fulle Lenting played the bell, the children heard, went to his cottage, everyone around the tree, dancing singing Christmas songs, and then Fulu Lunting the cake to the child We eat, let everyone had a happy Christmas. Later, this custom is circulated.

In 1837, the German prince of Helen, married with a Duke of France, the Christmas tree also with her spread to Paris. In 1841, the husband of Victoria, put a Christmas tree, placed in front of the Windsor Palace. This custom spread from the royal family to the nobility, and then popular to the folk. In 1830, a large number of German immigrants to the United States. These people have Catholics and Christians, mostly scattered in New York, New England. Their Christmas tree caused the attention and imitation of the local people, after the Christmas tree will be popular in the United States churches, the family. All over the world, especially Europe and the United States and Australia countries, Christmas trees have become the most lively Christmas, lovely decorations, dotted with Christmas colorful, but also a symbol of happiness and hope.

On the decoration of the Christmas tree, the rest of the world seems to be much the same. Since Christmas is in the winter, so the Christmas tree is used by evergreen trees. Mostly small five or five feet of small palm trees, or small pine trees, planted in a large flower pot inside, the tree is full of colorful small candles or small lights, and then hang a wide range of decorations and ribbons, and children The toys, and the family sent the gift. After the decoration is good, on the corner of the living room. If it is placed in the church, auditorium, or public places, the Christmas tree is relatively tall, but the tree can also put the gift below.

According to the records of the Christmas custom, the first Christmas tree is a small palm tree on the white side of the city. On the first night of Jesus' birth, the Virgin Mary and St. Joseph went to the cold city, very tired, and the Virgin fell under the tree for a while, the little palm tree, Look, expand its branches, to the Virgin Mary to resist the cold wind blowing. In the middle of the night Jesus Christ was born. At this time, the sky appeared a particularly bright stars, issued a wonderful light, directly hit the small palm tree head, circled into a beautiful aperture. Since then, small brown tree in the Christmas, it accounted for a glorious position. As for the Christmas tree to the world, it is only the nineteenth century. Medieval times, the popular religious drama in Germany, in a game of Eden, after the creation of God, Adam Eve betrayed God when the play with a covered with apple palm trees, representing the tree of life or know the good and evil tree. Later, the letter of life in the tree of life moved to the house, a symbol of the arrival of the savior. With the development of this symbol, to the fifteenth century, the decoration of the Christmas tree, it has become a custom.

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