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The Story Of Christmas Hat

- Oct 26, 2017 -

                                 The story of Christmas Hat

Christmas snow dance with a romantic atmosphere, passing the warmth of the festival; Christmas tree hanging beautiful greetings, spread the happy mood. The boutique learning network for you to organize the story of Christmas, hoping for everyone to learn to help.

The story of Christmas: a Christmas hat to blame the disaster

In the moment of temptation, the quality of people is determined

After graduating from junior high school, I was lucky enough to come to Australia to study at the Calgary Middle School, where I met a very good class teacher - Na Weier Gogman. She is a black and white mixed female teacher. More than 40 years old, amiable. With her help, I soon integrated into the new environment.

Blink of an eye to Christmas. People pay special attention to this festival, it is Australia's largest festival in the year, I have been looking forward to the holidays, because I would like to send Gome a gift. Usually can not find an excuse, at Christmas, no one will refuse the gift.

In the end, I chose a red Christmas hat from the Internet, is from China's handicrafts, the top with batik flowers and gold side. It is said. Australians wear Christmas hat on Christmas Eve, and in addition to sleep and warmth, the next day people will find gifts in the hat with a loved one. In the carnival night it is the protagonist, no matter where you go to the corner, will see a variety of red hats, some cap shiny, and some are glittering. I was delighted to have chosen this gift.

Parents know my mind, immediately help me from the domestic book goods, sent over. In Australia, these items are several times more expensive than in the country. From the school communication record to Gorman's home address, put the Christmas hat directly through the post office sent in the past.

After Christmas, the first day of school, the ICAC car suddenly stopped at the school gate.

What are they doing here? Who are you talking about? Soon, well - informed students said, "They came to Gorman!" A classmate told me straightforwardly: "She is being investigated because of bribery.

The news surprised me. "Gome is how good the teacher, how could bribery?" I am puzzled, the principal board face called me out. I am uneasy to enter the principal room, see the two police officers are sitting there waiting for me.

After a long while, I figured out that Gorman's bribery case related to me, I have become the ICAC's "bribery suspects." Originally, the Australian government has provided that in order to prevent students from unfair treatment, teachers receive student gifts can not exceed 5 Australian dollars, and should return the value of the gift. And Gorman not only accepted the equivalent of 25 Australian dollars Christmas hat, and did not give me any gift of gifts. This behavior is clearly bribery, bribery!

After listening to the police there is a narrative of the eye. I was anxious to fall tears. I have repeatedly explained to them: "This Christmas hat only sells $ 26 in China! And I sent it in Gorman without any knowledge, and she did not know in advance.

"Well, maybe she really did not know it," a policeman grunted.

At the moment, Gorman vacation just came back. Fortunately, after a detailed investigation, Gorman returned to the South with his family had Christmas, just received the gift, do not know the specific value of this gift.

The police found her, she explained: "I am going to communicate with the student after school today."

Looking at the side of me, she said earnestly: "I should pay you $ 25."

Christmas hat storm passed, the results I sent a teacher gift, and finally I earned her about more than 100 yuan yuan.

After that, I learned that in Australia, everyone advocates fairness and integrity, and every citizen has the responsibility to supervise and enforce this social system. In the eyes of Australians, "public mind that is selfish." I think that the respect and integrity of the Australian people is the real scale of human civilization and progress.

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