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Dress Up The Colorful Christmas Tree

- Aug 24, 2017 -

The Christmas tree is the most able to render the atmosphere. Choose a suitable size Christmas tree placed in the living room, the family sits around the decorated Christmas tree, open Christmas gifts, share the Merry Christmas! It is especially important to dress up the Christmas tree. Decorate the Christmas tree with lights, pendants and gifts to brighten up your entire living room.


The Christmas tree can shine, all depends on the multicolored lighting. Select a different color of the lamp string, or from the bottom upward spiral to pave, or embellishment of the tree, the shape of the bulb can also be with your preferences, or bar, or spherical, connected to the power supply, with the change in the color of the lights, the whole Christmas tree has become colorful gorgeous, flickering flow, the Christmas tree as if to dance.


You can put the pendant on the Christmas tree, color bar, pearl ball, heart-shaped glass, small doll, color stars, these can be used as Christmas tree decorations and pendants. If you are interested, you can also DIY some pendants, such as the use of straw or silk weaving some dolls, hanging in the meantime, will make the Christmas tree.

Christmas presents

Wrapping the gift with bright wrapping paper, the gift will be stacked at random under the Christmas tree, also can increase the overall effect of the Christmas tree.

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