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Christmas Tree Common Types

- Aug 24, 2017 -

Pine and Cypress

The Somber class is the Sonko (Pinaceae), Taxodiaceae (Taxodiaceae), Cupressaceae (Cupressaceae) and south of the gymnosperms.

Taxodiaceae (Araucariaceae) collectively. Among them, most of the Cupressaceae trees do not appear triangular, rarely used as a Christmas tree, while the south of the fir trees are native to the southern hemisphere (New Zealand in the southern hemisphere, Australia and other places, except in the southern hemisphere, usually used as a Christmas tree, the rest of the region is rarely used as a Christmas tree, in Sonko and Shanshan, because the number of species owned by the Pine family is Taxodiaceae 10 times, so pine family plants are often used as Christmas trees.

Pine Genus Fir

More than 10 kinds of trees in the genus Abies (Abies) are the most tree species in the world, because the tree shape of fir is beautiful, the color and the smell are pleasing to people and the blades are not easy to be cut off after cutting and drying, becoming the most popular tree species. The European fir (Abies alba, also known as the Fir Tree, Bai) is considered the most traditional Christmas tree.


Spruce, like Fir, has a tower-shaped tree and hard blades, and is one of the main tree species. Among them, the Norwegian spruce (Picea abies), because easy to grow, the price is cheap, therefore is very common tree tree species.

Pine Genus

Pine members, such as Pines and Lycopodium, are also selected as tree species in some areas. But the dosage is much smaller than fir and spruce.

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