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- Aug 24, 2017 -

During the Christmas season, consumers across the United States were exhausted by the frantic shopping, but they also increased the profitability of the stores, which everyone seemed to spend Christmas every year. But the content of Christmas is much more than that.

For Americans, Christmas is an expression of emotion, and one of the most hopeful is to be with friends and family. For Tyler and Beasley, he was hoping to spend Christmas with his father. Little Taylor's father Navy Sergeant Rodney. Beasley stationed in Iraq. Not only did he come back for Christmas, but he took Santa Claus to Little Taylor's classroom, which made him overjoyed. But after two weeks, Sergeant Billy will return to Iraq.

The United States Marines hold annual Christmas toy donations every year, and people donate all kinds of toys and gifts to needy children. Volunteers also took the children to mock shops, where they chose the gifts they liked. The national plan helped millions of children.

People all over America are celebrating Christmas with decorations. In a residential area in Texas State, people decorate their houses with colourful Christmas lights. Some families have Christmas decorations with topical political themes. The owner of a house explained why he was doing Christmas decorations. "A lot of people are amazed when they see our Christmas decorations and they say," I've never seen such decorations, and it makes us feel good, and we feel that our efforts are worth it. ”

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