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The Story Of Christmas Stocking

- Oct 25, 2017 -

Christmas socks story:

    Once upon a time there was a kindly aristocrat, his wife died of illness, and left him and his three daughters. The nobility tried a lot of inventions, failed, and therefore depleted the money, so they had to move to a farmhouse, his daughters had to cook, sewing and cleaning.

    A few years later, the daughters went to the age of marriage, the father has become more depressed, because he did not have money to their daughters to buy dowry. One night, the daughters washed the dresses and hung them in front of the fireplace. The saints Nicholas knew the condition of their father, and that night came to their house. He saw the family from the window asleep, and also noticed the girls' s stockings. Immediately, he took out three bags of gold from his pocket from the chimney on a cast, just fall in the girls in the stockings. The next morning, the daughters woke up to find their stockings filled with gold, enough for them to buy dowry. The aristocracy and therefore can see his daughter married, from then on to live a happy life. Later, children all over the world inherited the tradition of hanging Christmas socks. In some countries, children have other similar customs, such as in France, the children put the shoes next to the fireplace and so on.

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