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What Are The Common Chirstmas Trees?

- Oct 27, 2017 -

Common Christmas trees

Folding pine and cypress

Matsumae is a genus Pinaceae, Taxodiaceae, Cupressaceae and South

Araucariaceae (Araucariaceae) collectively. Among them, most of the trees are not triangular tower, rarely used as a Christmas tree; at the same time Araucaria trees originated in the southern hemisphere (located in the southern hemisphere of New Zealand, Australia and other places except), usually only in the southern hemisphere as a Christmas tree, Other areas are rarely used as a Christmas tree; in the pine and fir, because the number of species owned by Pine Branch can be more than ten times the number of species, so pine plants are often used as a Christmas tree. [1]

Foliage of Larch

More than ten species of trees from the Abies are the most tree species used as a Christmas tree in the world. As the fir tree is beautiful, the color and smell are pleasing and the leaves are not easily removed after cutting and becoming the most popular Of the tree of the tree. Among them, Abies alba (also known as fir tree, white fir) is considered the most traditional Christmas tree. [1]

Folding spruce

Spruce, and fir, have a tree-like tree and a strip of hard leaves, and one of the main tree species of the Christmas tree. Among them, the Norwegian spruce (Picea abies), because easy to grow, cheap, so it is a very common Christmas tree

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