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The Origin Of Chirstmas Gift?

- Nov 06, 2017 -

The origin of Chirstmas gift?

More than 140 countries and territories on Earth celebrate Christmas [1]. The festival dates from December 24 to January 6 of the second year and is the most widely circulated and attended festival in the world. It can be said that Christmas is a worldwide festival celebrating all over the world.

Christmas is on December 25, but Christmas is celebrated on December 24. It's like Chinese people do not start the New Year's Day from the first lunar month, but from the New Year's Eve.

Christmas gift cards opened the prelude to Christmas, as early as Christmas before the arrival of people began to give each other Christmas cards. This is a widely used method of congratulation. It is customary to mail Christmas cards to each other, especially to those who can not meet frequently or to relatives and friends in the distance. In China, as early as the first year of the Song Dynasty (1086-1093 years), there was a custom that celebrated the New Year. As a matter of fact, China uses holiday cards at least 750 years earlier than foreigners. Holiday cards are first invented and used by China.

As Christmas Eve approached, the streets and shops began to dress up, the windows filled with a variety of Christmas presents, and the colorful lights were pulled into strings. Colorful Christmas trees everywhere. People are busy buying all kinds of gifts and food items. What is particularly worth mentioning is that many families and shops have arranged a Christmas tree at home before the holiday season. Trees are also hung with cotton made of snowflakes, a variety of exquisite chic little gifts embellished in the trees. Night falls, the whole family sitting in front of the Christmas tree gifts each other Christmas, mutual wish happy holidays. Midnight, the church sounded melodious bells, the church began to hold a grand ceremony of Christmas, to celebrate the birth of Jesus, to meet the arrival of Christmas. As children go to sleep sleepily, they can not forget to enlarge their shoes and sockets up by the fireplace, hoping that Santa Claus's gift will fill his shoes and socks. Every Christmas, he sits on a sled from the far north, enters the homes from the chimney and distributes Christmas gifts, so the children put their shoes and socks by the fireplace on Christmas Eve. Many people in order to increase the festive atmosphere, but also really invite a relative and friends dressed as Santa Claus, came home, to the children congratulations on the festival, and carry the gifts brought to you.

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