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The Legend of Santa Claus

- Aug 24, 2017 -

Santa Claus is a combination of different legends and mysterious human types. Legend has it that Santa Claus was Scandinavian Pen. thousands of years ago. Nordic mythology in the division of Wisdom, art, poetry, war Odin, winter season, riding on his eight-foot horse mounts in the ends of the earth, punishing evil yang good, distribution gifts. At the same time, its son thunder god in red clothing with lightning for weapons and ice and Snow Gods darkness battle, finally defeated the cold. According to the pagan legend, Santa Claus is Odin descendants. In central and northern Germany, Nicholas is known as "Santa Claus", known in Britain as the "father of Christmas", a later "Santaclaus" by American Dutch settlers.

In the Dutch legend, Santa Claus Sintirklass also brought a assistant called Blackpeter, on a ship arrived. With a large book, he describes the performance of all Dutch children over the past one years. The children who behaved well gave them gifts, and the bad children let his assistants (elk) take them away.

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