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How to decorate the Christmas tree Day

- Aug 24, 2017 -

First introduced lighting. Every 30 centimeters tall, at least 100 small lamps need to be prepared. White light is more traditional, the lantern can create a more relaxed atmosphere-to give people the feeling of home, the golden lamp warm and elegant. If you have some patience, you can wrap more lights around the trunk before you decorate the tree.

Then, take out all the large ornaments. Near the trunk, you can save space by placing large coloured ornaments or reflective spheres. A good way to attract eyeballs is to fill the bare places of fresh trees with large ornaments.

Now you are faced with two choices. If you want a simple, seemingly refreshing Christmas tree, you

Now you can start hanging ornaments, can be decorated with ribbons or metal hangers. The heavier ornaments should be hung on the branches near the trunk, with lighter ornaments hanging from the branches. A longtime man who decorated trees for the White House described the "Christmas tree Decorating Technique"-"find some tree holes and put things in." ”

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