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Decorating the Christmas Tree method

- Aug 24, 2017 -

Preparation tools: A roll of white hard yarn, birch branches, snowflakes, icicles, crystal beads chain, all kinds of Christmas decorations, LED lights.


Wrap the lamp Around the Christmas tree: Tie the last light bulb of the led to the wire and tie the wire to the top of the Christmas tree and fix the bulb.

The white hard yarn is divided into two halves along the long edge, the end is fixed at the top of the tree, and the remainder is wrapped around the tree.

Stick the birch branches between the branches of the Christmas tree.

Place icicles evenly on the Christmas tree.

Hanging crystal beads chain.

Hang the decorations and hang your favorite decorations in the most conspicuous places, or you can hang the shiny silver decorations on the birch branches.

Finally, the snowflake hangs on the top of the tree.

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