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Gifts on the Christmas tree

- Aug 24, 2017 -

However, the Western history of the Christmas tree is popular in another way: a good farmer, on Christmas Day, warmly entertained a wandering child, parting, the child folded a branch in the ground, the branch immediately into a tree, the child pointed to the tree said: "Every year today, the tree is full of gifts and balls, in return for your hospitality." "So the Christmas tree that people see today is always hung with small gifts and balls."

Germanic tribes

The Christmas tree is generally interpreted as an ancient pagan claim preserved in Christianity, and evergreen trees symbolize the celebration of life's revival.

Roman Empire Period

Ancient Roman mosaic (present Tunisia), showing the myth triumphant from the Indian Greek wine God and male fertility, Dionysus (Dionysus, modern scholars believe that he is the god of reincarnation) holding a branch of a conifer tree. The Christian process can also be confirmed in the dream of the Cross of ancient English poetry (Dream of the Rood), in which the tree is the torture instrument of Jesus ' torture. The poem also cites the identification of good and evil trees recorded in Genesis.

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