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Christmas Tree Ornaments

- Aug 24, 2017 -

1, Tree top star: Tree top star is inserted in the Christmas tree on a star, like the crown of the Christmas tree, with the tree top star dress up, wearing the "Crown" of the Christmas tree will be quite a few cents gas. Some tree top stars can also charge the glow, a flash of a very eye-catching.

2, Muppet: On the branches of the ornate Christmas tree hanging on a beautiful Christmas doll, will let the children fondle admiringly.

3, Snowflake: On the green Christmas tree with all kinds of color decorations, you will still feel like a little something. By the way, it's white flakes. At the same time can also buy some big snowflakes hanging on the roof, you can enjoy the snow in the room feeling.

4. Bells: The bells have both the meaning of the joyous bells from the Heavenly kingdom that informs the birth of Christianity (the Savior Comes), and the ringing of the tones of the lamb to make it possible for people to return to the side of God without getting lost.

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